Bold Lane, Aughton – It’s still in very poor condition despite that seemingly contributing towards a cyclist’s death back in August

Melling residents will recall with great sadness the recent death of one of their Parish Councillors – Alison Doyle – in a cycling accident on Aughton’s Bold Lane back in August.

I raise the matter again as yesterday I cycled up Bold Lane due to my alternative and usual route via Sandy Lane being closed for roadworks. I virtually never cycle up Bold Lane because the surface of the road, north of the Sandy Lane junction, is very poor as I’ve mentioned in previous postings going back to February of this year.

Sadly, if anything the surface has deteriorated even more and a section of it is breaking up badly. The odd patch repair has been done but clearly some major resurfacing of say a hundred yards or so is urgently required. What I can’t get my head around is why Lancashire County Council has not done the work even if only in memory of Cllr. Doyle’s death.

I stopped to take some photos of the flowers at the side of the road where the accident took place:-

While I was stopped another cyclist came along and we talked about the condition of the road surface. We agreed that Lancs County Council really does need to get on with the resurfacing because not only had that terrible accident taken place due of a pothole but the surface had been marked out for repairs months ago but little has actually happened and the markings have now been all but worn/washed away.

I’ve raised the matter with Lancashire County Council hoping that they will get this road surface sorted before we have another serious accident.

Alison was a member of Sefton Velo Cycling Club.

The lead photo is also amongst my Flickr shots at:-

2 thoughts on “Bold Lane, Aughton – It’s still in very poor condition despite that seemingly contributing towards a cyclist’s death back in August

  1. Frank says:

    I was reminded off your previous post regarding the condition of this Road, when I was cycling along there a couple of weeks ago. I wondered whether the road surface had been patched after the tragic incident or whether it was even worse at that time. Nevertheless, the surface is still abysmal requiring some concentration to traverse the bumps and holes whilst also trying to give it a wide berth. God knows what would happen if there were cars on both sides of the road!

  2. Bob Jungels says:

    Can I just add to this Tony, the lack of response from the public / councillors / Councils themselves since this incident has been massively disappointing, and essentially sums up attitudes towards cycling and cyclists. The silence has been deafening.
    This kind of incident (a local Councillor / the awful state of the road(s) / the ‘rat-run’ speeding nature of the road(s)) should have acted as a massive wake-up call for everyone in West Lancs – the public / councillors / Councils. I haven’t heard a peep from anyone.

    It’s as if this kind of death is almost treated as ‘normal’. A shrug of the shoulders. It is absolutely sickening.
    Local Councillors should have been coming out, sticking their necks on their line, really coming out in support of the victim’s family and pledging to fight the cause of this incident – that is to say: a road infrastructure that is unfit for purpose and one where the loss of life is unfortunately a very real threat, combined with human error and poor state of surface.
    If this death was a cyclist on a pedestrian, can you imagine the public outrage? See also the incident last year in London where a cyclist was jailed for said crime. Such incidents are of course though, extremely rare. But the public don’t care about this.
    Tony, you know and I know, it is not Safe, Simple or Sensible to ride on British roads in 2019. Its okay for seasoned cyclists like me or you, but why should anyone be in a position whereby going out for a leisurely bike ride can end up being the last thing you ever do, simply because we have a society that is utterly addicted and reliant on the car, and an infrastructure that has been geared towards such addiction, with little or no regard for public safety.
    This accident should have been a huge wake-up call, and believe you me, if I had the spare time, would be lobbying local councillors hard to force this message home.
    One road death is one too many. Sadly, the statistics point to a much greater annual number than this.

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