Maghull – Views of our presently closed down railway

I decided to have a good look at what Network Rail and their contractors are up to whilst the Liverpool – Ormskirk Northern Line of Merseyrail has been shut down for enabling works to take place so the stations are ready for the new class 777 Stadler EMU’s in 2020. All the photos were taken on 5th November.

The first couple of shots show the ongoing platform works at Maghull Station:-

This next shot in effect shows why the works are being done at stations across the Merseyrail network:-

If you look carefully (it may be best to click on the photo to see it enlarged) you will see that the floor of the new trains will be level with the platforms and a small gap filler will come out when the train stops at a station. This is so that people with disabilities, wheelchairs, and bikes can be wheeled straight onto the new trains without the need for station staff to meet trains with portable ramps as at present with the current 507/508 trains.

Here’s a look back at Maghull Station from Poverty Lane and a look northwards from Poverty Lane in the direction of Maghull North Station. Clearly, other works were being undertaken during the shut down such as cutting back overgrowing trees:-

We then move on to the new Maghull North Station where I think that snagging work from the previous works was taking place. There was scaffolding around the lift towers but I could not get a close look as I was advised to leave the station by a member of Merseyrail’s staff. I had wandered onto the station footbridge and had not seen any warning signs but advised to leave I was. The following photo was taken looking back at the station from the Park lane overbridge:-

And finally a look north from the Park Lane overbridge in the direction of Town Green Station. Again other works were clearly taking place in the distance during the shut down of the line:-

Click on any of the photos to enlarge them

2 thoughts on “Maghull – Views of our presently closed down railway

  1. Frank says:

    Just a couple of comments/updates regarding all things trains.

    1) It does seem interesting that from your picture they do appear to be undertaken some kind of work on the platform. A couple of weeks ago when the station was first closed I spoke to the Network Rail subcontractors (Buckingham) who were responsible for the station build. They said they had returned to the site to undertake some snagging works which included finishing the tiling on the lift shafts.
    2) Regarding the dilapidated fence on either side of the access steps to the station from school Lane. I was informed by Mersey Travel that they had not informed Persimmon yet, that the fencing between the stairs and their site was their responsibility. However, the fencing between the stairs and the road bridge is Mersey Travels responsibility but because of ‘unusual’ budgetary constraints they would have to wait until the end of their financial commitment to the project is nearing an end in January 2019 before committing to replacing the fencing. But he seemed very positive regardless. He added that the children’s montage could be retained probably within the train station footprint.
    3) I went to see the impressive new train ‘mock up’ at Lime Street yesterday and guided round by a Mersey Travel Risk Assessment Manager. I thought that the extra points (beyond what has been mentioned in previous posts) below might be of interest to someone:
    • The new carriages will have the same capacity as the old ones but more spacious and include climate control, Wi-Fi access in tunnels, potential for batteries to extend travel beyond the electrified lines. Where the old trains ran with three carriages the new ones will have four and when six carriages were used the new ones will have eight.
    • There will be a total of 52 new trains replacing the old 59 trains.
    • Each train when purchased comprises of four carriages and will cost 5 million each.
    • The trains will be phased in over 2020, beginning in February on the smaller lines e.g. Kirkby to measure any issues that may arise.

  2. Frank says:

    Also sad to read about the association between vandalism and the new Maghull North train station, reported on page 10 of this week’s Champion, resulting in the rail replacement buses being taken out of service after being vandalised at Maghull North train station on bonfire night.

    If it was undertaken near the station I understand that there are approximately 70 plus CCTV cameras which may provide some answers hopefully for the police.

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