Old political chums band together on Sefton Council to block ‘Peoples Vote’ on Brexit

Anger over Sefton Labour’s rejection of ‘People’s Vote’

The decision of the controlling Labour Group to block a request for a People’s Vote over Brexit left campaigners dismayed when they attended Thursday night’s Sefton Council meeting held at Southport Town Hall.

Seaforth resident and NHS worker Carla Burns addressed the Council meeting in support of a petition, signed by over 600 people. In it she called for Sefton Council to support a People’s Vote on the final Brexit Deal which includes an option to remain in the EU.

Lib Dem councillor Daniel Lewis, supported by his Lib Dem colleagues, proposed that the Council should support the terms of the petition. However, every single member of the controlling Labour Group, together with the Conservatives, voted this down.

Following the meeting Carla Burns expressed her anger, tweeting: “I want politicians who will put country before party – I will not vote Labour whilst they facilitate Brexit.”

With thanks to Cllr. Simon Shaw for the lead to this posting

One thought on “Old political chums band together on Sefton Council to block ‘Peoples Vote’ on Brexit

  1. Brian howell says:

    i Cannot believe the lithe leave voters can be so ignorant especially the old people , why are the not thinking of theirgrand kids who will be left to pick up the pieces have they not learned that the ordinary workers will pick up the bill and if nigh has his way all benifts and minimum wage will be regimes health treatment will be for well off, I thing the country today cannot be left in the hands of old decrepid people who are only living in past and icapable of change we must have young people who by enlarge are better educated and have the energy and emperthy to run the contrary better tha these lazy self centrred politions and councilers

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