Aughton – Littering of Clieves Hill and the A59

The other day whilst on a cycle ride I stopped at the top of Clieves Hill to catch my breath and fell into conversation with a West Lancs Council street cleansing chap who was emptying the bins and picking up litter.

View from Clieves Hill towards the Sefton Coast.

The first thing to say is that he was doing a great job but as I had seen the extent of the littering up there previously I asked him how often the area was litter picked and the bins emptied. Expecting to hear him say something like weekly I was surprised when he said virtually every day!

He went on to tell me about the littering and the behaviour of a minority of folk who drive up Clieves Hill for the view. Sadly, he recounted that chucking food waste and packaging out of car doors was a regular thing despite there being a couple of bins to use. He also indicated that people in flashy expensive cars were often the worst behaved. But what really struck me was when he said that these anti-social people even do it when he’s there and that he has to challenge them to get out of the car to pick their rubbish up.

But if that was not enough he then went on to tell me that when he is litter picking the nearby A59 the odd driver will blow their horn to gain his attention and then a window comes down and rubbish is chucked out for him to clear up!

I can’t tell you how a felt for that poor chap doing his bit to keep our countryside tidy and litter free whilst others deliberately do just the opposite.

3 thoughts on “Aughton – Littering of Clieves Hill and the A59

  1. Frank says:

    Well done for being so supportive to the cleansing staff. I often feel it is such a thankless task, I occasionally litter pick Park Lane, collecting a whole bin bag, only to find the same amount a week later.

    Two different occasions I was cycling down Spuriers Lane and Old Moss Lane and couldn’t believe the amount of fly tipping that has taken place. I actually saw a white van man driving away from A large pile of industrial waste on Old Moss Lane, obtained a partial Reg, reported it to West Lancs Council who recorded the location but not my details which made think they would clean but not investigate. Also spoke to passing farmer who expressed consist frustration and worrying cost!

  2. Frank says:

    On a positive note the views from Clieves Hill are often quite stunning and the surrounding rural area makes feel that this is what Maghull/Lydiate must have looked like this before they developed.

  3. Derek says:

    Having moved from lydiate to Aughton recently, I have noticed how bad the littering is in Aughton. We were lucky in lydiate that a local group led by Mr Pope used to keep lydiate clean by litter picking.
    If anyone knows of a similar group for Aughton I would like to hear about it.

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