Lydiate/Great Altcar Footpath Mystery

I’ve been trying to find the public footpath that starts (or finishes) at the junction of Bells Lane/Altcar Lane* right on the boundary of Lydiate and Great Altcar. It runs from this point in a southwesterly direction over the Cheshire Lines/Trans Pennine Trail footpath/cycle path and then on via Showicks Bridge to Lunt Meadows Nature Reserve.

Actually, it’s just the short section of it from Bells Lane/Altcar Lane to the Cheshire Lines Path that I’m trying to trace because when I travel along the CLP I can’t find it at all. Below is a photo of the general area of the CLP that I’m referring to and the footpath should cross it just a few yards to the north of the concrete posts according to the Ordnance Survey map that I have:-

The concrete posts denote where a farmer’s track crosses the CLP (although on the right-hand side it is clearly out of use – note the fencing) and I think the path should cross it more or less where the large tree is.

I’ve raised the matter with West Lancashire Borough Council’s Footpaths Officer to see if they can shine any light on the matter.

If any local walkers or indeed Maghull Ramblers can assist with this mystery please do so…..

* The starting/finishing point which I refer to used to be through Upper Gore Farm but that was redeveloped for housing some years ago and it’s now called Mercer Court.

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3 thoughts on “Lydiate/Great Altcar Footpath Mystery

  1. Mike says:

    There is a style from the Cheshire Line that takes you towards the farm and then through the group of new houses at the junction of Altcar Lane/Bells Lane. It is almost unusable in summer because of nettles but we use it a lot in the winter. I’m sure there is a Public Footpath sign

  2. bill honeyman says:

    Hi Tony
    Reference number of path is No.20 on the Rights of way statement which is in Sefton MBC Area 3 for Lydiate .
    The above information is from 14/03/1994 National Parks and access to the countryside Act 1949.
    Sure there was a committee on Right of Way in keeping up with the footpaths in the local area as in the 10 parishes. Also there are 25 footpaths in Lydiate.

    Sefton MBC should still hold the definitive rights of way for AREA 3.

    Hope this is useful in finding what you are after.
    Kind regards
    Bill Honeyman

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