Maghull – Downed trees at Central Square – Why?

I must admit to being shocked when I saw the felled trees yesterday at the junction of Liverpool Road Noth/Westway as they were a useful screen to the car park and buildings behind them. This is the scene I happened upon:-

Of course, it could be that the reason for the felling has passed me by and others know what it’s all about; I just happened to walk up Liverpool Road Road North on Sunday afternoon and saw this scene.

Thinking back to my days as a Sefton Councillor representing Maghull my memory is that when the previous owners of the Square created the car park on the land at the side of the former HSBC Bank that the trees which have now been felled were deliberately left in place to provide screening. It may even be the case that this was all part of the planning application/approval for the site to become a car park.

I’m a fully paid up tree hugger so any trees being felled upsets me. I would love to know what the felling is all about and why it was considered necessary. Presently, I look upon the scene as environmental vandalism!

7 thoughts on “Maghull – Downed trees at Central Square – Why?

  1. Frank says:

    I am 100% with you on this. I saw them piling up the large trees couple days ago and now they are cutting the small ones down. Definitely a form of vandalism. I wondered whether this is something to do with the owners London and Cambridge. Their track record seems very poor to date.

    I remember two stunning forty year old trees at the entrance to the Parkbourn Estate being brought down and only taking 20 minutes each. Even the tree surgeons said there was nothing wrong with them. It transpired that a neighbouring Riverside tenant had complained about their TV signal interference and loss of sunlight for two hours on the morning!

    • Steven Mason says:

      When were the trees at the entrance to Parkbourn cut down? I’ve lived on this estate for many years and never seen a tree felled yet, apart from one at the side of a house which fell down during a bad storm.

      • Sorry can’t help with this query

        • Frank says:

          Hi Steve,
          I have only just spotted your Parkbourn tree mystery! I don’t know how many years you have lived there, but the two trees in question were cut down on the morning of 27.8.15 (if interested I can send photos), tree stumps still in situ, and nothing to do with any storm. Afterwards Riverside Housing Association (who own and maintain the land) apologised, recognised they should have consulted more widely, and compensated with extra trees and bedding plants. Alternatively, I hope the comments were not meant as a windup and that this is a genuine misunderstanding.

          However, the reason I was rereading this post was to ask if anyone knows why LCP stopped cutting the trees at the Square and what the motive and intentions are?

          By the way Tony, the day after your Spurriers/Outlet Lane adventure I am pleased to report no scary dogs on my bike ride but still saddened by the continued fly tipping.

          • Thanks Frank, no particular news about the tree felling by London and Cambridge Properties on Westway. There was speculation that a McDonalds was going to be constructed there but my understanding is that the property owner has denied this so why they were really cut down remains a mystery. The dogs were outside Hesketh Farm Frank but I did not get close enough to see if they were friendly. Still await contcat from the West Lancs Dog Warden about the matter as I type.

  2. Marc bell says:

    Hi Tony. I also witnessed this and asked the tree surgeon who had authorised it and he said he didn’t know and that he had just been contracted out to do the work. He eventually told me there was a plan to build a McDonald’s on the site. Which will not only be an eye sore but a threat to the health of local children who will no doubt frequent such a place just like I did as a child before I educated myself on just hot toxic their “food” is.

  3. Frank says:

    I spoke to 2 surveyors at the above site today, who were undertaking very detailed plans of the area where the trees have been felled and the bordering roads. They said that they have been employed by London Cambridge properties and speculated that they may be trying to sell the land.

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