Jeremy Corbyn on Brexit – He just does not or will not get it!

The Guardian has the story on its website – see link below:-

Quote from the Guardian article – ‘Labour will not allow a representative of the People’s Vote campaign to take part in any televised Brexit debate involving Theresa May’ – What a damming indictment of the Labour Leadership’s appalling pro-Brexit stance, which flies in the face of the overwhelming opinion of Labour’s members and supporters.

With thanks to Bob for the lead to this posting

2 thoughts on “Jeremy Corbyn on Brexit – He just does not or will not get it!

  1. Phil Holden says:

    But Tony, Corbyn has always been against the EU and he doesn’t want EU rules on state aid to get in his way if Labour get power. You can’t argue he haasn’t always been consistent on this, even if he’s not very open about it.

    • It’s the position he takes as party leader that gets me when it’s the exact opposite of that of his members and supporters. And he holds this job loss Brexit position whilst saying he wants a no job loss Brexit and claims his members make Labour policy! Talk about a 2nd Division politician, he’s off the scale.

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