Brexit – ‘Project Fear’ exponents exposed as fake news scaremongers

The video accessible via the link below is probably the most powerful I have seen in debunking the lies told in the lead up to the UK’s EU Referendum. Go on have a look at it especially if you voted Leave and have begun to wonder if what you had been told by the lead Brexiteers may not have been true:-

A People’s Vote is the only way out of the chaos.

With thanks to Roy Connell for the lead to this posting

4 thoughts on “Brexit – ‘Project Fear’ exponents exposed as fake news scaremongers

  1. nigel hunter says:

    Yes it is good . Could it be done by someone who sounds less posh so that leavers can identify with it. After all those at the bottom of the pile ,no disrespect to anyone, will be hit the. most. When the mess is over the country has to get behind all the problems that it has left in its wake. One being the inequality between people.

  2. Phil Holden says:

    If another refendum (I just can’t call it a people’s vote) is the answer, then what is the question Tony? Seriously, what would you ask?

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