Maghull North Station – Tribute to the fallen and the suffering

I went along to the still new Maghull North Station (on Merseyrail’s Northern Line to Ormskirk) today to have a look at the just installed piece of artwork which celebrates the work of the former Moss Side Hospital and its pioneering treatment of shell shock. Of course, the hospital is long gone and the new Poppy Fields Housing Estate now occupies the site.

Here are some shots of what I think is a quite striking piece of artwork which is sited adjacent to the station ticket office:-

It was unveiled by local historian and former Maghull GP Dr John Rowland who has published a number of books on the history of Maghull and Lydiate.

A fine tribute to Moss Side, its staff, doctors and indeed patients who benefited from its pioneering treatments during and after World War 1.

The 3rd photo is amongst my Flickr shots at:-

5 thoughts on “Maghull North Station – Tribute to the fallen and the suffering

  1. Frank says:

    I am delighted it has been so well received, after all the long but enjoyable time and endeavour put in by everyone. I hope it will serve as: a memorial to the historical pioneering treatment and understanding of trauma, and a celebration of the continued trauma work being undertaken at Mersey Care, and a gentle daily reminder to care for one another.

    I am also pleased that we could honour Dr Rowlands for his amazing research to bring the unique history into the present.

    The sculptor – Andy Edwards has been absolutely unbelievable in this process not only for his artistry but for his absolute passion in which he has embraced the project. In addition, he has provided lots of small details within the sculpture that will provide triggers for educational stories for children and adults alike. Hopefully, in spring next year the Statue will be further harmonised into it’s environment with a few more additional elements, along with some increased educational components, hopefully including augmented reality.

    The BBC News North-west reporter – Gill Dummigan kindly assured me that the unveiling will be broadcast on Tuesday/Wednesday and was not undertaken on the day because of similar news items.

    On a separate matter, I met with Mersey travel and a persimmon homes manager, a couple of weeks ago, who both agreed to replace the old dilapidated fencing either side of the School Lane entrance to the Maghull North train station in January 2019. Fingers crossed!

    • Thanks for this Frank, I delighted with it too.

    • Ashwan says:

      Thanks for highlighting the name of the artist in your comment Frank.
      It annoys me how often people will ‘consume’ the arts yet give no thought or respect to its creators. Andy Edwards has done an outstanding job on this piece and deserves full credit.
      Maybe a link to Andy’s social media would be nice to be included in articles like this too.

  2. G. Ashcroft says:

    I fully agree with Ashwans comments, who is, himself, an acclaimed and respected artist , domiciled in Barcelona. This work by Andy Edwards is a wonderfully poignant and powerful tribute to the men and women of that era, who suffered so much. Having seen the statue in situ, myself, my respect for its creator knows no bounds, and deserves to be recognised nationally. Maghull North station must be one of the few local stations to have such a wonderful , and powerful, work of art, in the country. Let’s be proud of that , and be humbely respectful

  3. Full Credit to all concerned in this wonderful monument to Moss Side Hospitals staff and patients,especially Andy Edwards and war Poets Siegfried Sassoon and Wilfred Owen’s. The Madness of war continues today with illegal invasions of other counties such as Libya, Iraq,Syria etc. “The Old Lie” is still told by the establishment Dulce et decorum est Pro patria mori. ( “It is sweet and fitting to die for ones country”) Let us all hope that all war will cease in this supposedly civilized world which is also unnecessarily rife with disease and hunger because of greed. propaganda and politics.

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