TUC Leader is spot on over May’s failed Brexit ‘Deal’

That Teresa May’s failed Brexit (and now withdrawn) ‘deal’ would have been bad for jobs, the economy, employment rights etc. etc. is a given simply because it’s a poorer deal than we presently have as EU members. Here’s what the TUC General Secretary Frances O’Grady had to say about it:-


But of course, every form of Brexit deal will only deliver a worse outcome than we presently have so no one can ever promise one that will meet, never mind better, our present situation as EU members. The TUC knows this better than most because it’s the millions of trade union members across the UK who are at risk from us leaving the EU under ANY deal.

However, I fear that Frances O’Grady has to be careful what she says with TU leaders like UNITE’s Len McCluskey trying desperately to stop Labour from adopting a pro-EU stance. Sadly there’s always been a wing of the trade union movement who have been anti-EU despite it being a really positive force for good on things like employment rights and protections. How on earth they can call themselves trade unionists beats me. As a life-long supporter of the TU movement, I’m ashamed that it has Little Englander’s in its ranks.

2 thoughts on “TUC Leader is spot on over May’s failed Brexit ‘Deal’

  1. nigel hunter says:

    The litltle englanders are power mad politicians with delusions of grandeur who want a revolution so they can throw their weight about and lord it over us

  2. Bob Robinson says:

    There are elements of the Labour Party whose world view is “all our yesterday’s”. They are the New Yesterday’s men. If business becomes more and more international it behoves Unions to adopt similar strategies. Instead of pining for state aid for failing industries – we need robust mechanisms to assist employees cope with change. We need common standards so that beggar my neighbour employment policies are stopped..
    Most of all Corbyn and McCluskey are of their generation with old fashioned socialist paradigms. Labour needs to looking to the future not trying to recreate the past.

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