Aughton – At last Lancs County are to resurface Bold Lane where Melling Councillor Alison Doyle was killed last August

Well, I mentioned in my review of 2018 that Bold Lane in Aughton had still not been resurfaced so imagine my surprise when I was out cycling in Aughton yesterday and my eyes fell upon this sign in Bold Lane:-

You can make out some of the poor surface in the shot below but the worst of it is further up the lane on both carriageways

Obviously, I’m glad that Lancashire County Council are finally getting around to resurfacing a lane that in recent times has been in pretty awful condition. However, I still wonder whether if the lane had been resurfaced a year ago (at least) Melling resident and Parish Councillor Alison Doyle would still be with us.

Notes:- My understanding is that a pothole in Bold Lane was a significant factor in the accident when Alison Doyle was killed whilst cycling with Sefton Velo Cycling Club.

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2 thoughts on “Aughton – At last Lancs County are to resurface Bold Lane where Melling Councillor Alison Doyle was killed last August

  1. MJ Ray says:

    This has come up in the news again recently. Do you know what Lancashire’s Transport Asset Management Plan (or similar-named policy) says?

    Bold Lane is part of NW Regional Cycle Route 91. Does the maintenance plan give any priority to cycle routes, or does it expose the most vulnerable road users to the worst maintenance service levels?

    This seems like a systemic failure which is being repeated across the country. Cycle routes need to be maintained better if we are ever going to reduce the car jams. There are two obvious ways to fix this: rebalance the maintenance regime to prioritise cycle routes, or make more A/B roads (which get the lion’s share of funding) safe enough for cycling. I don’t mind which, but people will keep being hurt or killed unnecessarily until the system is fixed.

    • No I’m not aware of that detail. I actually live in Sefton Borough (Lydiate parish) next door to Lancashire. Generally Sefton’s road surfaces are much better than those in Lancashire or indeed Liverpool another next door council area. But such has been the case for as long as I can remember sadly. But yes as a cyclist who travels along many of West Lancs District’s roads I have the same concerns as you.

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