Brexit – What do Brexiteers really want? They really want different things

Yes, I know that they all want to leave the EU but frankly, that raises more questions than it answers. Look at this way:-

* Do they want to leave under any circumstances no matter what the consequences to the UK economy, their personal finances and even their own jobs? Well yes, some do and are well prepared for it to cost them money and even the jobs of themselves and their close family; it means that much to them. But how many who voted for Brexit support this ultra position?

* Or do they want Brexit and are prepared to take a bit of a hit to the UK economy and indeed their own circumstances (financial and job wise) to get it? Seems we are well past the stage where the damage to us all was just ‘a bit of a hit’ with the government putting Billions of Pounds into all kinds of Brexit issues that would otherwise be building hospitals etc. Has this group changed their minds now?

* Or do they want Brexit so long as it does not make them poorer or put them and their families and friends at risk job wise? This view will, I think, account for many who voted to leave the EU thinking that they would even become better off as would the economy, the NHS (remember the bus!) and public services in general. Of course, all those alleged advantages have been found to be without foundation. Has this group changed their mind?

If you are a well off Brexiteer you may well be in the first group, able and willing to weather the storm. If you have a little put by then maybe you are in the second group. If you are struggling or have no savings then you are likely to be in the last group. Yes I know these are generalisations but you get my drift.

And yes I accept that there will be a very small minority who voted Remain who may well now want to vote to Leave

I’ve come to these conclusions based on listening to what people who voted to leave the EU have said and its why I think we need a Peoples Vote. Too many folk are saying that what’s on offer is nothing like what was promised and they are as a consequence changing their position. Those wanting a hard line Brexit of any kind will seemingly accept any deal no matter what it consists of.

Are our MP’s listening? Many of them seem to be hidden behind their Brexit sofa not willing to express a view or indeed fearing to express a view. Both Tory and Labour MP’s will want to keep quiet because deselection will face them if they step out of line with their leadership.

The next few days will be telling because if those who were promoting Brexit had told the truth in the last referendum the reality is that there would not have been a majority to leave the EU.

4 thoughts on “Brexit – What do Brexiteers really want? They really want different things

  1. Mike says:

    I do believe that there is a not insignificant number of people in the first group who are definitely not well off. People who (like your third group) have very little to lose but who voted leave and very much still want that. They may not believe the projected downside of a no deal or a bad deal. Or they may feel they really don’t have anything to lose.
    The people’s vote movement is gaining traction but ultimately I don’t think it will happen. The argument that people have changed their minds could be used after any referendum as the political landscape (and even the real motivations behind campaigners) becomes clearer. That’s how voting works – we go with our instinct then it is really out of our hands what plays out or what information is subsequently revealed. If we use this as an argument for another vote we’d be in an endless cycle of vote after vote with no time for events to actually unfold.
    Not that I am a fan of the current situation! But I’m certainly not a fan of another referendum that would just enlarge existing schisms and engender (even more) ill feeling towards the entire democratic process.

  2. Phil Holden says:

    A thoughtful blog with a powerful argument, sir. But I agree with Mike (above) that there were many who voted leave because they were fed up and felt they had nothing to lose. I don’t think that has changed.

    But it’s now time to test your People’s vote proposition, setting aside for now my usual question (did entities other than people vote last time?)

    What would the question be, Tony?

    I don’t think if will happen because I can’t see a majority of MPs getting behind an askable question.

    There are no easy answers now!

  3. Charles Haycock says:

    Tony what do you think should be done about the travellers setting up homes on green belt land in Melling with no planning permission?

    • Not sure what the connection is between your comment and my Brexit blog piece Charles? That you may think that I know my way around all the land ownership, legal and planning issues associated with the Spurriers Lane site is flattering but sadly I don’t have such expertise. It strikes me that only Sefton Council can resolve this matter so speaking to one of their legal/planning experts is my best advice. No one else can influence this issue as far as I can see.

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