Sefton High Schools – DfE reveal schools that are failing to meet government performance standards at GCSE

The Liverpool Echo has the article on its web site – see link below:-

I’ll start this posting by saying that I’ve never been particularly enamored of school league tables as they are only one aspect of what we all hope schools are trying to achieve with our young people. However, they’re a reality no matter how blunt an instrument they are and of course, many parents will use such performance standards at GCSE to decide which school to send their youngsters to.

Schools on lists such as these will surely be under pressure to improve their results and performance, indeed some could be dealt very heavy blows by the stats.

There are 3 Sefton High Schools on the list of schools across Merseyside/Liverpool City Region. And on a second list (within the Echo article) of Merseyside schools that are coasting, there are a further 3 although two of them duplicate schools on the former list.

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