Ormskirk and its traffic jams

I’ve blogged before about why Ormskirk needs and east-west by-pass for its own sake and indeed to enable better access to Southport. My November 2013 posting on this matter is an example – here it is via this link:-


Having been stuck in one of Ormskirk’s traffic jams a few days ago my thoughts turned to the East Lancashire town of Colne where a motorway just pours out into it and the ever gridlocked Harrogate over the Pennines in Yorkshire. Together with Ormskirk, they all seem to suffer from the same problem – traffic being funnelled right through a busy town as opposed to each having a bypass of some sort.

My mind then, being in a mischievous mood, stated to think about a new town entry sign for Ormskirk and its twin northern towns. How does this look?

Well yes, just a bit of fun on one level but also a nudge to Lancashire County Council on another. Oh, and by the way, it would also help a lot if trains were run from Ormskirk to Southport via reconnecting the Burscough south curve.

One thought on “Ormskirk and its traffic jams

  1. Bob Jungels says:

    As ever Tony, the cause of the problem is very easy to pin down.
    It’s just another commuter belt town 100% geared up towards the car.
    At no point over the course of the past 50 years has any of the local Councillors sat down and decided to look at the true causes of this congestion.
    Everything is always: “react, react, react”. React to traffic black spots.
    React. Repair. Repeat. Occasionally build a new relief road (Brooms Cross Road).
    It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realise this is a bad way to manage traffic, air pollution, road safety, and public health.
    Again, solutions are plentiful.
    Better buses – more extensive coverage, guided busways, etc.
    Better trains – again, more extensive coverage, better rolling stock, better frequency (to Preston).
    Better cycling/walking infrastructure – goes without saying, basically non-existent in Ormskirk and surrounding areas. Quite literally taking life into your own hands – and you know what I mean by this in relation to last year’s tragedy.
    Better public realm – better maintenance of the streetscape, more greenery, less car parking, increased car park charges.
    So easy, Tony. You just need to hammer these points home to your Councillor friends. If you don’t, I will.

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