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Lydiate residents will most probably have seen the article in this weeks Aintree & Maghull Champion regarding requests for a bus shelter on the A59/Northway adjacent to the Kenyons Lane traffic lights.

I’ve also raised this with Merseytravel recently following a Lydiate resident asking for a shelter at this spot on the Lydiate & Neighbours FB Group in a thread that I posted about a bus shelter being removed in Moss Lane, Lydiate. The shelter being removed is one that served the old 311 route that provided a good service between Lydiate and Ormskirk.

Obviously the response as printed in the Champion is at best disappointing as there’s only one bus to Ormskirk from Lydiate these days i.e. the Arriva 310. What’s more it only skims the edge of Lydiate with just one stop on the A59/Northway.

I appreciate the difficulties of this A59 bus stop site but in reality, on such a busy road, you would expect not only a shelter but a bus lay-by too. However, I also appreciate it’s a cramped site and that Merseytravel have to prioritise their expenditure. Maybe a re-routing of the bus to travel through more of Lydiate would actually be the best solution. The most likely way to do this would be for the bus to cross Northway instead of turning onto the A59 so to serve the rest of Kenyons Lane, then Liverpool Road past the old windmill and back to the A59 at Robins Island. But this at face value simple change has its problems too as St Thomas’ School is on that short stretch of Kenyons Lane and I guess that at school coming and going times the bus would get caught up in traffic jams just like the 31/31A Lydiate circular bus does on Sandy Lane.

Arriva and Merseytravel can surely get their heads together here to try to find a way forward because this situation has come about mainly due to the former 311 bus being withdrawn by Arriva in August 2015. I covered the campaign to try to save that bus on this blog site – see link below:-

Yes of course the 311 was a commercial service and the 310 is too so I realise that Merseytravel have no powers to make Arriva think again about the provision of buses between Lydiate and Ormskirk. However, there’s a Bus Alliance in operation across Merseyside which Merseytravel and Arriva are a part of so at the very least they should be around a table trying to sort issues like this out.

And lastly, for now anyway, the underlying issue here is the Deregulation of bus services outside of London that was brought in during the 1980’s. My own view is that we lost control of our bus services when that happened and it was bad legislation. I’m told that Merseytravel are slowly working towards re-regulation of buses but I fear that that bus is only just about creeping along.

One thought on “Lydiate – 310 bus stop on A59

  1. Bob Jungels says:

    *Shakes head in absolute utter despair*

    Tony, there is so much wrong with this article. And that’s not a slant on you or what you’re saying, because you’re spot on in your points, likewise the woman who raised this issue with paper, and your Lydiate Residents Group. Good on you all for raising it.
    Here’s the thing though, Tony. And you know what it’s coming.
    Yep, you guessed it.
    1. Infrastructure.
    2. Mentality.
    Of course, as #2 affects #1, if you don’t change #2, you will never get the changes that you, me and everyone who isn’t selfish or car-addicted wants.

    Firstly, you want a bus shelter. Not asking for much are you? It’s a sensible facility for any bus stop, and not very expensive. But why would Merseytravel be interested in a sensible investment when they say the Aintree-Bootle disused railway line has no business case (recent email to myself I can forward on to you if you want).
    But of course, there is no bus stop because this country doesn’t care about public transport. This bus stop is just a tiny tiny symptom of why people who travel by bus are second class citizens. People expect car parking spaces or driveways for new houses, so why shouldn’t people expect bus shelters for bus stops? Sounds sensible to me and you, right?
    But of course, if you really want to catch a bus, that’s up to you. “We’re not going to make life easy for you”. This is how our country rolls, Tony. Our government aren’t here to make our lives better. Unless you’re a motorist of course. In which case, Britain is heaven.

    “The site is cramped” you say. How so? Have you not seen how wide that section of the A59 is? There is absolutely plenty of room for that road to be reconfigured in such a way that a bus layby can be implemented, and if not, and cars have to go round the bus, then so what? Maybe install some traffic calming measures? Lower the speed limit? And what about those crappy pavements on either side of the carriageway? Again, pavements of contempt. Secondary. The council doesn’t care. Everyone drives, remember.
    From my point of view, the solutions are simple.
    The first thing that needs to happen to this carriageway (which Highways England would never implement unless our local Councillors HOUNDED them), would be to narrow the width of the lanes (they are unnecessarily wide, with grass verges in the middle).
    Secondly, to widen and resurface the existing pavements (there is also a fair bit of grass verge between pavement and road to play with). If its then possible to create a segregated cycle lane in between the new footway and road, then this also needs to happen. Otherwise, why does the cycle lane on the north side of Robins Island suddenly appear out of nowhere? Who designs these roads and lanes? Honestly…
    Thirdly, the junction itself with Kenyons Lodge needs a complete remodelling. Pedestrian crossing functionality/simplicity/safety is non-existent. Pedestrians are secondary. Futile. Pathetic. Dog excrement. “You want to cross the road? Okay, that’s your choice. Your roll of the dice. It won’t be nice. You will be taking a risk, but okay, whatever. Just get in a car hey?”
    Tony, this needs to change. You might be used to years/decades of development that has been geared 100% towards the car, but I can see the wood through the trees. I can see what has – and is going on – in Holland, amongst other countries from around the world. The more you see, the more you realise how backwards Britain is when you get back. It’s not acceptable, but of course, if no-one pipes up, nothing will ever change. But this is Brexit Britain, who wants to change when we go back in time? Bring back the Empire, everything will be alright with India and Canada. Just get rid of dem immigrunts and liberals, and keep everyone driving. Screw anyone who wants to walk, ride, take a bus/tram/train/boat. They’re for losers and liberals.

    So regarding the junction. Well as I say, the solutions are simple. There’s plenty of space to play with. I am going to share some links with you (because I only focus on solutions, not the problems). Read, learn, and enjoy!

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