Conservatives – Doomed, doomed they’re all doomed!!!!!

A mate of mine suggested I have a look at a posting on the Conservative Home website because he said the utter misery the Tories are suffering is openly being talked about there. And so it is….

The few moderate Tories left these days are clearly ashamed of what their party is doing to the UK and of course we all know this. But at the other end of the scale where most Tory members and supporters sit these days are the Brexiteers, a colourful bunch of people seemingly totally out of touch with reality.

So Tory canvassers are getting grief from ordinary moderate folk who realise Teresa May is taking the UK to hell over Brexit and also from the far right who want all the Brexit misery full on no matter what the consequences.

I imagine that Labour canvassers are also getting loads of grief too with the vast majority of its members and supporters being Remainers whilst their Leadership is, like the Tory leadership, trying to deliver what becomes a more unpopular Brexit day by day.

I must say that reading the Conservative Home article pleased me as there’s nothing so good as seeing your political opponents suffering. However, the really worrying thing is these people are currently running or more precisely ruining the country, in part at least because they have the ‘benefit’ of an appalling Official Labour Opposition who can’t it seems oppose!

With thanks to Bob for the lead to this posting…..

One thought on “Conservatives – Doomed, doomed they’re all doomed!!!!!

  1. nigel hunter says:

    Good to see them on the decline. However it can lead to voters being indifferent to voting and by default the’enemy’ win which can lead to Brexit by the back door. The party MUST instil in the voter that a positive radical change can take place. Our policies should be put on our focuses to sell them to voters, after all we will not and have not had a lot of media coverage who ,lets face it, are biased agin us.

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