Merseyrail – The new Stadler 777 trains

A mock-up of a Class 777 – The new Merseyrail trains that will soon replace the Class 507/508 EMU’s

* The first Class 777 unit is expected to arrive on Merseyside in the Autumn of this year.

* The seventh unit delivered, I am told, will not now have battery capability and the battery trial has been suspended due to an identified technical issue. Battery capable units are being looked upon by OPSTA and others to enable the extension of the Ormskirk line (for example) to Burscough and possibly even Preston as this option will be much cheaper than having to install electrification along the present Ormskirk – Preston Line. It is to be hoped that the technical issue will be solved.

* There seems to be some truth in the rumour that a number of the present Class 507 EMU’s may be retained. This is, I understand, a contingency plan should the movement of platform signals not be achieved in time. This would be an interim measure.

A new Stadler Merseyrail train artist impression

One thought on “Merseyrail – The new Stadler 777 trains

  1. Bob Jungels says:

    1. First unit expected to arrive in June, but will require months of stealth testing (through the night). First units in service expected Feb 2020.

    2. This is still very much pie in the sky. Come back to this in 2030 and see where we are then, because I’m telling you now – nothing is going to happen with regards to this electrification link over the next decade. Fact.

    3. They won’t be retained once all 777’s are in full service. There will be a gradual cross-over of the old and the new. As more 777s come into play, the less 507/8s there will be. So in other words, it will take about 2 years to fully phase them out. Unfortunately.

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