Social Care – It could cost over 50’s £300 per year

The Huffington Post has the article on its website – see link below:-

Well the so called Dementia Tax went down like a lead balloon when Teresa May proposed it during the 2017 General Election and it was probably a significant factor in her losing her majority in the House of Commons. So, with that in mind, it takes a brave Tory to come up with another form of taxation aimed at the over 50’s this time just days before the 2019 local elections with the Tories already staring down the barrel of an electoral gun.

With thanks to Roy Connell for the lead to this posting.

4 thoughts on “Social Care – It could cost over 50’s £300 per year

  1. Alan Huges says:

    Typical Libdem tripe take take take from society it is time to give back.

    • You miss my main point Alan, it was irony of a political party in deep trouble having shot themselves in one foot in one election taking aim at their other foot in a subsequent election. Of course the costs of looking after the elderly will have to be shared across society.

  2. nigel hunter says:

    Social Care HAS to be solved. ALL ideas must be considered. There is no point in Labour playing political points on this . There will be no easy fix.

    • Indeed there will not be an easy fix Nigel and that’s why MP’s such as Norman Lamb have been calling for a cross-party approach to this matter. Of course his words have fallen on deaf ears.

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