Labour – How about stopping Brexit instead of whinging about talks to deliver it!

The BBC has the article on its website – see link below:-

Yes I know, the Labour leadership has made their party firmly a Brexit backing one but hey the vast majority of Labour’s members and supporters are actually Remainers! But never mind what your supporters think Mr Corbyn just jump in bed with the Tories to help them deliver a job loss, NHS busting Brexit whilst hoping those same supporters continue backing Labour even though you’re bailing the Tories out.

2 thoughts on “Labour – How about stopping Brexit instead of whinging about talks to deliver it!

  1. Bob Jungels says:

    Mr Corbyn merely wants to implement the result of a referendum.
    Whether he is (or was) a Euro-sceptic or not it irrelevant.
    Whether many in Labour want to remain is irrelevant.
    Stopping Brexit should never have been on the cards.
    The result has to be respected and implemented.
    Likewise, if the result was to Remain, those on the Leave side wanting a 2nd ref would have been equally bang out of order.
    I don’t understand why this concept can’t be grasped.
    We need to leave with No Deal, as per the referendum objective, and then we can start thinking about a new deal.
    If being outside of the EU cripples us, maybe then we can think about a 2nd ref.
    But this campaign to stop Brexit has got to stop. We need to move on.
    I will not stop my reiteration of this until Brexit is complete.

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