The curse of scrambler bikes

I was contacted the other day by a local resident who had taken photos of scrambler bikes on the Leeds Liverpool Canal tow path in Melling asking for my advice about what can be done to stop them. Yesterday, whilst out cycling through Rimrose Valley Country Park, I ended up with one blowing his horn at me whilst trying to race past. Obviously neither the canal tow path or Rimrose Valley’s network of footpaths and cycle paths are places for motorbikes to be ridden!

But where are these bikes kept? Surely they are often in the garages of houses where the scrambler bikers live with their families. On that basis their illegal activities are in effect being condoned by families who should know a lot better.

Merseyside Police do their best and it’s always pleasing to hear of these bikes ending up in the crusher but the riders cause mayhem on our canal towpath, country parks, in woods and on roads where we are all at risk from their mad riding.

You might guess that the one I encountered yesterday had no registration plate on it and it was gone so fast I had no chance to get a proper look at it.

One thought on “The curse of scrambler bikes

  1. Bob Jungels says:

    Disgrace. Quad bikes are also an issue. There’s a disgusting rat somewhere near Ormskirk who keeps riding it through Westhead all the time. The noise is abhorrent, and the speed at which he rides it is obscene. No respect.
    They need to be reported to the police but what can/will they do?

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