Maghull – What on earth was this (now faded sign) all about?

This sign (I’m talking about the lower faded one of course) has been up on the Maghull boundary on the A59/Northway (Switch Island end) for a few years now but what purpose was it intended to serve?

Bearing in mind that drivers will have been going past it at 40mph+ and with it being both small with even smaller print on it, what hope has there ever been of its significance being noticed even before it became faded?

‘Our Maghull – Our Future’ is looking a little faded don’t you think?

One thought on “Maghull – What on earth was this (now faded sign) all about?

  1. Les French says:

    Had they used a decent LOCAL signmaker, he would have made it from something that wouldn’t have faded!…….and it probably would have been cheaper!

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