Lydiate – Peter Greener RIP

Campaigners, outside Maghull Town Hall trying to save Sefton Borough’s high grade agricultural land from development.

I think I first met Peter Greener in 2011, although it could have been earlier, when we were fighting a planning application that would have breached the Green Belt on the western side of Lydiate. It went all the way to a Planning Inspector’s Inquiry which was held at Bootle Town Hall over a couple of days. Peter, myself, Andrew Blackburn, Robbie Fenton (Andrew, Robbie and I were at the time Sefton Councillors for Park Ward) and a representative of the Sefton Branch of CPRE (Council for the Protection of Rural England) were fighting the local resident’s case and we won that battle.

Peter was a real driving force and he had great environmental credentials.

He went on to join with other environmental campaigners, such as Fragoff, across Sefton Borough to try to defend Green Belt and high grade agricultural land from development. The photo at the head of this posting (click on it to enlarge) shows Peter center stage in a light blue pullover with other protestors outside Maghull Town Hall during a meeting of what was then the Sefton Central Area Committee of Sefton Council.

I covered, on this very blog site, Peter’s efforts to challenge Sefton Council’s emerging Local Plan in March 2015 and here it is:-

Unfortunately, Peter’s health went to decline 2 or 3 years back and he died on 9th May. My condolences to his wife Wendy (a Lydiate in Flower volunteer) and her family at this sad time. We have lost a decent man who put a great deal of effort into campaigning for our local environment.

3 thoughts on “Lydiate – Peter Greener RIP

  1. Derek Baxter says:

    Thank you Tony, for this lovely tribute. He was a wonderful man with a sharp intellect and sharper sense of humour. He was such a help to a fledgling group like FRAGOFF, helping us to understand the issues around green belt and planning. He was a formidable allie through the early stages of the Local Plan process. Sadly he became ill before the the public inquiry stage. I would have loved to have seen him lock horns with Mr Pike (the Inspector).

    All of us at FRAG were honoured to call him a friend, Lydiate and the whole of Sefton have lost a true advocate for the environment and green belt. Our condolences go out to his family and friends.


  2. Julie Smith says:

    Well said, Derek. Peter will be very much missed by all.

  3. Maria Bennett says:

    Thanks Tony for a lovely tribute to a well respected gentleman and an advocate for green campaigning. I remember when he came with me to London for a meeting about local plans and they put us on a table with the Lancashire Wildlife Trust and it was not long before Peter was having a go at them for supporting the Local Plan. His arguments were detailed and got the point across that they had clearly not read the documents. I could not stop laughing and don’t think they were very happy to be on the table with us. He was very good at getting his point across in a polite and factual way leaving others to reconsider their position. We had a great day and asked some of the most awkward questions to the ministers who were unable to answer them except for going round in circles. He will be really missed and although he did not attend the public inquiry he was still providing information to the campaign groups. One of his biggest issues were the super tankers and the pollution they will cause coming into port. He was very knowledgeable and his campaigning and input into all green issues will be missed by us all.

    We have lost a true gentleman and a true environmentalist campaigner and our condolences go out to all his family and friends. But knowing Peter he will still be campaigning up above to ensure we leave something to our future generations.


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