Aughton – Census and speed checks/traffic counts

The other day whilst cycling in Aughton I came across the Council (Lancashire County?) and the Police stopping traffic on Prescot Road for a census count. They were stopping each vehicle and doing a short interview with each driver. I’m guessing asking them where they had come from and were going to.

They were, however, not interested in cyclists (much to the grumbling of vehicle drivers I expect) I was waved through. Actually, I would have been more than happy to have engaged in the census and wonder why cyclists are excluded, after all we are traffic on the road.

No sooner had I turned into Town Green Lane/Bold Lane than I encountered yet another check point doing the same thing and a lady pedestrian asked me what was going on. This was the scene in Bold Lane near the junction with Winifred Lane:-

And then I noticed speed/traffic counting wires across Bold Lane literally yards away from where Melling resident and councillor Alison Doyle died whilst on a cycle ride a few months back:-

I’ve noticed that Bold Lane can at times be a bit of a racetrack for vehicle speedsters when I’m out cycling it so I wonder whether any of what I saw a few days ago is linked to that problem?

One thought on “Aughton – Census and speed checks/traffic counts

  1. Bob Jungels says:

    Bold Lane desperately needs traffic calming of some sort.
    Indeed, only down the road along Turnpike Road (Aughton), there is a really good, simple example of a traffic calming chicane (single lane chicane), that forces cars into slowing down – they have no option but to – unlike some speed bumps, which in some cases are as good as useless.
    There is a similarly good layout along Chapel Lane in Longton – with a ‘cycle lane bypass’ for cyclists to carry on through without interruption. Its the little things…

    Here is another very basic example below. Simple but effective. I just wish they’d do away with those stupid “END” signs on the road…. It is NOT the end for the cyclist who merely wants to continue straight on!
    Dear oh dear…. how the Dutch must despair….

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