Merseyrail and political opinions – A clash of beliefs?

A 507/508 EMU Merseyrail unit at Crescent Road level crossing – Birkdale, Southport.

The BBC has the article on its website – see link below:-

This is an interesting situation and clearly Merseyrail were not fully aware of what the advertising company working on their behalf were doing. It led to a reverse ferret following a simple question to the public transport provider on Merseyside from a traveller who asked whether Merseyrail shared the opinions of Morrissey.

A Merseyrail train at Bootle Oriel Road Station

Of course it also begs the question about how far those displaying advertisements should investigate the views of those who benefit from such advertising. When is censorship right or wrong? A tough question and your answer will often depend on whether you share or despair about the views of those who are subject to censorship.

3 thoughts on “Merseyrail and political opinions – A clash of beliefs?

  1. Bob Jungels says:

    And his response?

    “It’s very Third Reich, isn’t it? And it proves how only the feelings of the most narrow-minded can be considered within the British Arts. We are not free to debate, and this in itself is the ultimate rejection of diversity. If you ever see Question Time on BBC1 it is always exactly the same panel. I am afraid we are living through The Age of Stupid, and we must pray that it passes soon. I’m only surprised that Mary Whitehouse isn’t on the ten pound note. But, no, I’m not about to go into combat with Mersey Rail … could life get any more mediocre? But, yes, my position in the UK is suddenly so abstract … the ONLY thing I haven’t been blamed for is the Normandy Invasion of 1944. Give them time, I suppose.”

  2. Bob Jungels says:

    Also, a cracking article here by Brendan O’Neill from the socialist/leftist online magazine, Spiked.

    • Well yes and as a Liberal censorship troubles me too. Interestingly, Morrissey is a Brexiteer and as the article is from a socialist perspective I must admit I struggle with socialism and Brexit being bedfellows. As a progressive a Liberal and a trade union officer virtually all my working life I just can’t get why any socialist is a Brexiteer. Isn’t Brexit a policy of the far right; it is to me. I don’t want less money for the NHS and other vital public services. I don’t want unemployment for poor trading conditions that will come via Brexit. If socialism = Brexit then making the poor poorer, as Brexit surely will via greater and bigger austerity, is bloody odd politics to me and it’s not progressive at all.

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