Maghull/Lydiate – Sefton Bus Review implications

Maghull Station buses back in the 1970’s

I’m told that as a result of the recent Bus Review by Merseytravel in Sefton, the following alterations are proposed from 1st September:

* New service 32A introduced to offer a peak hour service for South and West Maghull to Maghull Station and Westway/The Square.

* Service 32/33 hours extended to run of an evening and Sunday.

* Peak hour service 34/34A to be withdrawn due to low usage following the opening of Maghull North Station.

Anyone spotted any other local implications on Maghull/Lydiate from this review please let me know.

Here’s a link to the detail for changes across Sefton Borough from the Merseytravel website:-

Note:- Still no proposal to route a circular bus serving Lydiate to the new Maghull North Station via Maghull Square, a request I have heard on a number of occasions from Lydiate folk. There’s clearly a view out there that some Lydiate folk feel that a bus to the new station would be a much quicker link to Merseyrail. Would be interesting to hear why it has not been trialed…..

With thanks to Kevin Duggan for the lead to this posting

One thought on “Maghull/Lydiate – Sefton Bus Review implications

  1. Bob Jungels says:

    Re: no service from Lydiate. Good point this.
    As part of a proper, holistic transport plan for this whole site (both station and housing estate), someone with a bit of vision could/should have proposed this:

    – A *bus/cycle lane* (no cars permitted) linking Park Lane with School Lane – essentially running parallel with the railway line – with car park area doubling up as a bus terminal. Buses would be able to access the car park directly from School Lane, instead of stopping well away from the station on the main road.

    – Simple circular route from the station: Deyes Lane, Westway, Liverpool Rd Nth, Southport Road, Moss Lane, Sandy Lane, Lambshear Lane, Kenyons Lane, Park Lane, back to station.

    Simple 4 mile circular route that would take 15 mins inclusive of drop-offs etc.
    A national transport system built in favour of public transport would have ensured this sort of service to have been in place on Day 1 of the new station opening.

    Sends out a clear message to existing Lydiate folk: This new station is here for you. Leave your car at home. Don’t even drive the station. Bus and train to Liverpool or Ormskirk. Couldn’t be easier.

    Also sends out a clear message to new folk moving in: The station has been built for you. But should you need to move about Maghull/Lydiate, you have a quick and efficient bus service on your doorstep.

    Bus Only Lanes send out a clear message in their own right. Those moving in know straight away this development is truly socially inclusive.
    Don’t own a car? No problem! Don’t wan’t to use your car (for whatever reason)? No problem!

    Some people see problems. I see solutions.

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