Lydiate – That Flooding is back on Lambshear Lane AGAIN!

Well this has been quite a saga and it’s still yet to be resolved. I first blogged about this flooding after heavy rain back in December 2015, here’s a link to that posting:-

Subsequently I’ve blogged and chased up Sefton Council about it a number of times and my Parish Councillor colleague Edie Pope has also been on the case. Back in June of 2018 we reported (on this blog site) the latest position to be like this:-

Cllr. Edie Pope and I have recently heard from Sefton Council’s drainage engineers to the effect that United Utilities have seemingly taken/accepted responsibility for fixing the problem and they are commissioning some works to try to resolve the flooding.

Fingers crossed……….

Well whatever has happened since June of last year it hasn’t fixed the problem which adversely affects road users, pedestrians, householders and Lydiate’s Lambshear Ln/Village Center site. On that basis the flooding has been photoed again and sent off to Sefton Council asking them or indeed United Utilities to try to get the matter fixed; it’s been getting on for 4 years now!

One thought on “Lydiate – That Flooding is back on Lambshear Lane AGAIN!

  1. CR says:

    We’ve recently moved to Lambshear Lane in the last 12 months and have seen this flooding a few times however it’s particularly bad with the recent downpours it’s a bit of a pain for traffic and pedestrians I’m surprised it’s been such a long standing issue!

    I’m also shocked at the speeds cars come down the stretch of road from Sandy Lane to/from Liverpool Road – given there’s 3 schools in close proximity and the fact there’s vehicles trying to get on/off driveways I’m shocked there’s not some form of traffic calming measures in place.

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