Sefton Council – Food Waste Collections Cease

3 users of the service, which is no more, have spoken to me in the past couple of days querying why it has stopped. Well apart from a few social media postings from Sefton Councillors, which I’ve have read, I had no more detail.

Clearly folks are both disappointed and more than a bit baffled by the turn of events. I was told by one resident that he had read the article in the Aintree & Maghull Champion a few weeks back saying the service was likely to stop but he was adamant that that same article was promising that folks would be informed when final decisions had been made. He was clearly more than a bit put out to have placed his waste bin outside his house this week only to be told (by a friend who had phoned Sefton Council when their bin was not emptied) that the service had indeed been ceased without the promised publicity.

We are told that the reason for the cessation is manly due to the falling number of residents using the service, but when and how have Sefton Council promoted it especially to new residents moving into the Borough? I’m told that folks have seen furniture vans being loaded with the food waste caddies when some people have moved; probably taking them to their new home within the Borough. But whilst not knowing the scale this has been happening on it will clearly mean that the new residents will not have a bin and may have little or no knowledge of the service. Changes in people paying Council Tax, caused by house moves, would be one obvious opportunity to have advertised and promoted the food waste service to new residents surely.

Clearly this is a step backwards in terms of recycling/environmental progress in the Borough as much as it seems to have been a publicity vacuum too. But my A&M Champion has just dropped through my letter box and the cessation gets a mention in it, although clearly it points towards the lack of notice as being an issue that has upset folk.

And to think that Government is thinking of/consulting on making food waste collections compulsory for all Councils.

Not a good week for Sefton Council……

4 thoughts on “Sefton Council – Food Waste Collections Cease

  1. David Becket says:

    Ten years ago as a newly appointed portfolio holder tasked with the job of raising the recycling rate at Newcastle under lyme from less than 10% I visited many councils looking at a number of services. I came to Sefton to look at Food Waste, I was impressed and introduced it at Newcastle, where it is still going strong.

    A very poor week for Sefton

  2. Roy Connell says:

    What an appaling decision, I did get a sticker on the top of my bin saying ” suspended ”

    But very noticeable that not many Councillors have been on the bandwagon to complain. Interestingly they have left the green bins with Residents, will it make a return at some point ?? But whatever is behind it, it’s bad for Sefton not to have given residents a more detailed explanation.

  3. Jim says:

    No notice given in Crosby either…just about to report a non collection and everything about food recycling has been removed from Sefton councils site….Instead of blaming lack of use of the system.why not educate householders on the benefits and the consequences of it going to landfill. We used to freeze the waste until collection day maybe some people didn’t like it hanging around for 2 weeks. Simple tips like that would have helped. Educate don’t capitulate….

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