Lib Dem Leadership Hustings – Manchester event – Swinson shaded it for me

I attended the Lib Dem Leadership hustings event held in Manchester yesterday evening to help me decide whether to back Jo Swinson or Ed Davey. I came away more impressed with Davey than I expected to be but Swinson shaded it for me because of her engaging and down to earth way of connecting with her audience.

Those who know me well will realise that I had wanted Layla Moran to stand for Lib Dem Leader but probably for all the right reasons she decided not to. I’m guessing that she wants to get more experience under her belt before taking such a step.

I thought Davey was very good on the issues of climate change and the economics of switching from fossil fuels to renewable ones but Swinson was better for me across the whole range of questioning she came under at the event. And that range of questioning covered saving the NHS, stopping Brexit, investing in rail transportation in the north, equalities, education, climate change and other issues too.

I do however subscribe to Jonathan Calder’s view that this contest is between two Steel’s with no Pardoe. And for those not well up on Liberal history, when David Steel became Liberal leader his opponent was John Pardoe who was seen as being a more radical alternative for leader. It’s that more radical approach that I want to see from both the present Lib Dem leadership candidates. I don’t do Centrist moderation, it’s too comfortable – be more Pardoe please and challenge us all, whether we be Lib Dem members and supporters or not, to back a more radical and socially progressive Liberal movement.

Oh and by the way whilst backing Swinson, I will be content with either winning the contest so long as they embark on a radical agenda of course…….

3 thoughts on “Lib Dem Leadership Hustings – Manchester event – Swinson shaded it for me

  1. Alan Bristow says:

    Chuka Umunna Will be leading the party before long

  2. Phil Holden says:

    Swinson and Davey both say they believe in free markets and seem to be free of too much leftist nonsense about the USA so I could imagine voting for a LibDem party led by either. But only if they don’t vacate the centre ground. Sensible progressive policies ok but leave the left wing claptrap to Corbyn. Moran wasn’t remotely ready, whether there are other doubts about her I’m not clear. As for Chuka it’s never been clear if there is any substance behind the slick facade. And he couldn’t see that it was obvious he should join or at least work with the LibDems so has he got any political nous?

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