Formby – Hightown cycle/footpath – It’s well overgrown

A cycle down this path reasonably regularly and it has been getting more and more overgrown this summer, making it difficult in places for cyclists and pedestrians to pass each other not least because much of the overgrowth is nettles. What’s more overhanging branches are also becoming a problem.

I’ve raised the matter with Sefton Council’s Footpaths/Rights of Way Officer.

4 thoughts on “Formby – Hightown cycle/footpath – It’s well overgrown

  1. Bob Jungels says:

    You wanna try spending the day riding around Skelmersdale’s many miles of hidden (overgrown!) footpaths Tony! You’d have a field day raising jobs for WLBC’s ground maintenance team! Be a good idea for a day out actually…

  2. Cyclist says:

    Have contacted Sefton three times now about this pathway. It’s a nightmare!!!

  3. Cyclist says:

    Scratched to bu****y tonight!

    • I reported it to Sefton’s Right of Way Officer who in turn asked Highways to address the matter. It’s 10 days since I was last down that path and it was pretty overgrown then. Must all but impassable now.

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