Sefton Council – Draft Strategic Housing Market Assessment Update 2019

The draft report, which is available for comment, is on Sefton Council’s website – see link below:-

This is the general comment I have made in response to the draft assessment:-

I remain concerned that Sefton is not targeting sufficient social housing, single level housing for the elderly/those with disabilities and 1 and 2 bedroomed properties in general both social housing and the ordinary housing market.

At the same time the Council is pursuing building on Green Belt/high grade agricultural land whilst not achieving sufficient housing in the categories I have mentioned above. It is bad enough losing high grade agricultural land to development but doing so whilst not addressing actual housing need in the Borough is particularity upsetting.

I remain far from convinced that building more 3, 4 and 5 bedroomed properties for the normal housing market will in any meaningful way meet actual housing need.

If you wish to comment you can do so by e-mailing this address:-

One thought on “Sefton Council – Draft Strategic Housing Market Assessment Update 2019

  1. nigel hunter says:

    3,4,5,bring in more money and can be held back till ‘the right people come along’ and the price of the houses can rise thus making profit for the builders ,usually,I assume, large Tory supporters
    Usually single ,2 bedrooms etc do not bring in the same money and cos of the way the market is rigged these do not ‘pay’ so the builders drag .their feet delaying.Councils.not being experts can be easily sold a pup.

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