Lydiate – The Anchor – Seeing it through 1886 eyes

Iv’e blogged before about Lydiate’s lost alehouse – The Anchor – which was located on the Leeds Liverpool canalbank between Lydiate Hill/Billy’s Bridge and Jacksons Bridge. The property, whilst still standing, is private housing now.

Here’s a link to my previous posting:-

The reason for returning to this subject again is because removal of the rendering on part of the building has revealed what the pub used to look like. In the words of the chairman of Lydiate Parish Council:-

‘The brickwork was decorative with red whole bricks alternating with darker half bricks. There is also a band of yellow bricks running across the building and around the windows. It must have been an impressive sight when built c1868.’

Here are some photographs of the building after removal of the rendering but before it is recovered:-

My thanks to Cllr. John Bailey for the lead to this posting

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2 thoughts on “Lydiate – The Anchor – Seeing it through 1886 eyes

  1. John Gore says:

    Not sure if you can help, I am researching family history, my family are all from the Halsall, Lydiate, Lunt area in the 1800’s, I have a relative living at Canal Bank Lydiate in the 1851 census and noted your mention of the cottage on the canal bank.
    The page on the 1851 census only shows 2 properties on the canal bank where my relative lives, and two other properties listed ( writing not very clear ) Fir Grove and Fir Grove farm, am I in the right area for my search or are there more properties on this stretch of the canal.

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