Fracking in Great Altcar

Sadly it seems that things are moving forward to frack on land in Great Altcar to the east of Formby and north west of Lydiate.

The link below gives some detail on what is proposed:-

And here’s a link to a previous posting of mine on this matter associated with The Moss Alliance campaign group when they addressed Lydiate Parish Council last September:-

I remain opposed to fracking.

Here’s a petition to sign if you share my concerns:-

One thought on “Fracking in Great Altcar

  1. Phil Holden says:

    I understand your aversion to fracking, Tony. But, just like we have exported many CO2 emitting activities, leading to no global reduction in emissions, declining to frack possibly just means even more polluting production elsewhere. Until we don’t need fossil fuels at all it’s not particularly logical to forgo the economic benefits. But I accept it might make you feel more righteous…..

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