Maghull – Plans out for consultation to build its vast urban extension – 1685 houses

After all the political fallout of recent years regarding Sefton Council’s Local Plan the biggest controversy within that plan is coming to its detailed conclusion.

Two separate planning applications for 1685 houses to be constructed on Land East of Maghull have now been put out to public consultation by Sefton Council.

The planning application numbers are DC/2017/01532 and DC/2017/01528. and the closing date for objections is 17th August 2019.

I understand that around 1100 letters have been posted out by Sefton Planning Services to those near the site and anyone who has submitted an objection previously.

The vast Maghull East urban extension (presently high grade agricultural land) site as seen from Poverty Lane, Maghull

I could rehearse all my many postings written for this blog site from the recent past but I’ve had my say and sadly I lost the battle so I’ll just put the relevant information out there with one thought – Why put the high grade agricultural land which grows our food under bricks, tarmac and concrete? What sense does that make?

3 thoughts on “Maghull – Plans out for consultation to build its vast urban extension – 1685 houses

  1. George Baker says:

    Only makes sense to the people who are going to make lots of money.
    Still loads of Brownfield sites

  2. Max Ferrie says:

    No infrastructure is built for all this housing development. We need schools ,
    doctors health centers.
    We do NOT need housing on good agricultural land.
    The government are pushing for AFFORDABLE housing NOT four and five bedroom houses which is what the developers want and have built on the latest sites they have been let loose on.

  3. David Uren says:

    We vote for option 6

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