Lydiate & Great Altcar – Stenciled slogans on country lanes?

If you’ve walked, cycled or driven along lanes such as Pygons Hill Lane in Lydiate or Acres Lane in Great Altcar you may have, like me, noticed these slogans and wondered what they mean. They are not all the same but this one is in Pygons Hill Lane:-

Is this one of those situations where most folk out there know exactly what this means and I’m just in the dark?

And here’s another one in Longdale Lane, Lunt:-

When asked Sefton Council Highways Dept. had no idea.

3 thoughts on “Lydiate & Great Altcar – Stenciled slogans on country lanes?

  1. Sarah says:

    These marks are on Sudell lane too.

  2. nigel hunter says:

    It is Spanish and in English it means Come Chia !. Whether it is tasking a ladyfriend to say hello or not I do not know. Do a Sherlock Holmes and see if any more words appear making a message. (Google can be a great tool).

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