Maghull – Foot and Cyclepath to Maghull North Station

I keep on pressing for the promised footpath/cyclepath from Park Lane to the now far from new station to be opened up ASAP. Indeed, I’ve recently raised the matter with both Merseytravel and Sefton Council.

I went to have a look at where the path runs (from the far end of the station car park) towards Park Lane a few days ago and you can clearly see it together with the signs:-

The path was actually laid out back when the Ashworth South site was going to be a new prison so why on earth the present housing developer needs to restrict access to the Station via it beats me. Sefton Highways tell me it’s down to Persimmon Homes to say when the path becomes accessible and from that I’m guessing it forms a part of the site which will be adopted at some point by the Council along with roads and pavements.

I’ll keep on banging the drum………

2 thoughts on “Maghull – Foot and Cyclepath to Maghull North Station

  1. Wendy Sharples says:

    I don’t think Persimmon are in a particular rush to finish any of the public areas off. We moved in opposite the station at the end of March 2018 and overlook what can only be described as a complete mess with overgrown areas, metal fencing a body of water with traffic cones in and broken pavements.

    Good luck trying to get them to sort it. Their customer service and communication is shocking.

  2. Bob Jungels says:

    Both yourself and Wendy will be interested in this article by the CEO of Active Planning – essentially the main behind the DfT’s Local Cycling and Walking Infrastructure Plan (LCWIP) programme.

    Makes a change from me putting the transport world to rights!

    In all seriousness, I can only sympathise with your frustration. It really is a perfect example of a modern housing development *entirely* led by the developer, with absolutely no enforcement or regulation from the planning/highways team. I genuinely believe the people at Sefton Council want to see a better quality of development than this that incorporates proper sustainable travel, with properly designed public realm. The problem is they are essentially powerless in the face of our capitalist, privatised national framework.

    Local authorities have to settle for the role of ‘advisers’ these days. Developers hold all the cards and can do as they please. LAs are merely a thorn in their side. A nuisance. But a powerless nuisance at that. It’s a sad state of affairs when all new housing developments are built in this way. They are not built for people. They are built for profit. And for cars. This is the reality and it is shameful.

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