Greens Lane Downholland

The road surface outside Lavender Barns (just into West Lancs & therefore just outside Lydiate) is in a terrible state. Two parts of it have been patch repaired more times than is sensible and in places is more patch than original road surface. It’s really bad for cyclists I might add as you have to weave around the ruts and patches especially after rain. This what it looked like last Sunday:-

Greens Lane Downholland looking towards Lydiate.

The photo is looking towards Lydiate and indeed the boundary (where it becomes Eagar Lane) is just out of shot around the corner.

I’ve raised the matter with Lancashire County Council hoping that they’ll resurface this short section of the lane rather then keep patching it.

One thought on “Greens Lane Downholland

  1. Bob Jungels says:

    There is one particularly dangerous blind corner on this road – near where your photo was taken. When its windy, you can’t hear oncoming cars. Thus you are visually and audially blind as to what could be lurking round the corner. A simple, cheap solution would be to install a mirror. I will inform Highways.

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