310 Bus Route – Liverpool to Maghull – in the days of Ribble

I picked up a copy of a book published in 2001 called ‘Glory Days – Transport in Liverpool’ not so long ago mainly due to my interest in local railways but on page 93 I saw a 310 Ribble bus with the destination ‘Park Lane Lodge’ on it.

Photo credit Arnold Richardson/Photobus

A query to a local bus expert confirmed that the photo was indeed taken in Maghull outside Northway Primary School at the junction of Dodds Lane and Moss Lane Lane. The bus used to terminate (having come from Liverpool) in Ribble days at the junction of Park Lane and Parkbourn.

The photo is undated but the bus is noted as being a 1959 example of a Leyland Atlantean, so the shot must be from the 1960’s. Behind the bus in the far background looks to be the roofs of houses on the Lathom Avenue Estate and nearer to the bus is Northway Primary School.

My thanks to Kevin Duggan for his help with this posting

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4 thoughts on “310 Bus Route – Liverpool to Maghull – in the days of Ribble

  1. Peter Harris says:

    We moved into our newly built house in Kelkbeck Close as newlyweds in December 1969. The houses in Lathom Drive were the first to be completed and one of the houses there was the estate office. In those days the layby outside Northway Primary school was the terminus of the 340.
    I worked at Plessey in Edge Lane and used either the 310 or 340 when our unreliable Mini was out of action. Happy memories.

  2. Jackie says:

    We moved to Moss Lane Maghull in 1960 when there were corn fields between Moss Lane and Park Lane and we could easily see the 310 bus making it’s way up Park Lane towards ‘Moss Side’ so the terminus was well beyond Northway school … if we wanted to catch the bus into town, we would wait until we could see it coming back along Park Lane and would make our way to our bus stop in time to catch it.
    Once the new estate was built, the view was blocked and I often missed the bus to school!
    After I’d left school aged sixteen, we moved to Scarisbrick where once again we were surrounded by farmland

  3. Pat Blake says:

    I lived in Highfield Park (the prefabs) along Foxhouse Lane from when they were built in the mid 1940s until I married & moved away in the early 1960s. These were the days before Maghull was built up & the US Army Camp was still based down Deyes Lane.
    We were entirely cut off without the Ribble 310 bus. It was the only bus to venture out into rural Maghull. It passed the end of Highfield Park at exactly 20 minutes to the hour going to Liverpool Skelhorne Street. The last 310 bus left Liverpool at 21.40 so there was no going to Clubs or even 2nd house at the Cinema in Liverpool unless we caught the 321 to Lydiate & walked all the way from the Meadows home! In those days the 310 from Liverpool went all the way to the junction of Moss Lane & Dodds Lane turned round & returned to Liverpool. It was a lifesaver for us.

  4. Scott says:

    Great photo, I’d probably put in the 70’s The car in the background looks around that era, and that style of Leyland Bus was used by Ribble for 20 odd years. I went to Northway in the 80s, those hedges were way more established by then.

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