Smart Meters – I remain a sceptic

I’ve covered this issue a number of times on this blog site and am still sceptical of smart meters myself. Here’s an article from the USwitch web site:-

Would be interested to hear of others views though, both positive and negative.

2 thoughts on “Smart Meters – I remain a sceptic

  1. nigel hunter says:

    I have changed my supplier. Yes ,my new supplier cannot use the original smart meter. The companies seem to use different supplied meters (different manufactures) Would it not be better to have ONE company or companies supplying THE SAME UNIVERSAL METER for all

  2. Steve Lambert says:

    There’s an incentive for utility suppliers to fit them. Problem is some are still installing the older first generation version, which had issue’s. The latest generation boxes have problems, if you change supplier on a regular basis they don’t always work with your new provider. A good idea but I consider then to be pointless until all the issues are resolved.

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