River Alt – Everything drains into around these parts

Following all the heavy rain of recent days it’s sadly no surprise that the River Alt is struggling to to deal with all the water flowing into it from the land and other drainage brooks, streams and ditches. In turn this means flood alerts for parts of Maghull as the river water rises.

The first shot below was taken yesterday from the aqueduct which takes the Leeds Liverpool Canal over the Alt near to Aintree Village:-

Just back towards Melling there’s a runoff for the canal to keep it’s levels down and I could see it was in use. I’m guessing that this runoff also goes, eventually, into the River Alt.

The second shot below was also taken yesterday where the A59 (Northway) crosses the Alt in Maghull:-

Then we move on to today and the consequential flooding of Sefton Lane/Bridges Lane on the Maghull/Sefton Village boundary. Here the Alt flows under Bridges Lane and this is how it looks:-

At face value the river looks to be coping until you move a little further east along Bridge Lane to where Dovers Brook is crossed by Bridges Ln/Sefton Ln. It looks like this:-

The first shot is looking north with the adjacent houses on Sefton Lane* clearly visible. The second shot looks like the Dovers Brook has been halted by a stone wall but in fact it’s the bridge under Sefton Ln where the arch of it has been covered by the floodwaters. The houses here are being affected as is sadly often the case when Dovers Brook backs up.

My understanding is that the Alt being so high stops Dovers Brook from emptying into it, hence the backing up. Although there’s nothing new about this problem (I recall Sefton Ln flooding here when I was a lad living on the Lane in the 1960’s /1970’s) it’s all the more frustrating that after many years the problem has not been resolved. You have to feel for the residents of this isolated row of houses and elsewhere along Dovers Brook when it over-tops.

With more rain anticipated tomorrow, well I don’t need to say any more do I………

*Sefton Ln/Bridges Ln has already been closed during the present foul weather although it was passable this afternoon. However, this is what it looked like in December 2015 when the section of road between Dovers Brook and the River Alt was a river in itself:-

A flooded Bridges Lane between Dovers Brook and the River Alt – when it all got too much in December 2015

4 thoughts on “River Alt – Everything drains into around these parts

  1. Diane kearney says:

    We live in Sefton drive maghull are gardens are flooded and are still floding despite the river going down. People are saying that some of the culverts have been blocked and are not relieving the pressure also the course of the river / whinney brook may have changed when maghull garden center was built is this all true and if true what are the environmental agencies doing about it very frustrating . I would like an acknowledgement of the problem and a serious investigation of it.
    Hope you can help maybe get someone to visit and least show an interest

  2. GT Cadman says:

    What will happen when 1700 houses are built on land east of Maghull. Everybody knows the problems in this area will get worse. Do the powers that be really care.

  3. Anon says:

    In December 2015 the issue of diversion of the flooded Dover Brook at the Sefton Lane juncture resulted in the formation of a temporary lake between the North Eastern perimeter fence of the Sefton Council Refuse Centre and the North/South pathway of the Cheshire Lines. The water table rose at the area of the lake and went under the Cheshire Lines pathway to lower ground that is overgrown and immediately behind the properties of Sefton Drive. Those properties consequently saw a rise in the water table in their gardens.

    The monthly rainfall levels was far heavier in December 2015 in the general/specific area to Maghull to that we have experienced in the same period leading to the issue of evacuation of Sefton Drive, Maghull on the evening of 20 January 2021.

    The same tactic used in December 2015 to divert water to the lower ground adjacent to the Sefton Council Refuse centre was used last night (20/01/2021).

    This tactic surely had to have been one of an emergency measure taken those years ago in 2015. Again to be utilised in January 2021 but with much less rainfall?

    Something has changed here. Is it the progressive development in the area? Is it lack of maintenance or routine checks? Has there not been forward looking feasibility studies done to have a more permanent solution in place to that of flooding a convenient area of land adjacent to Dovers Brook?

    It is a question of money – it always is – but it is an even bigger question of more money needed to fix what was not dealt with in the first place.

    The natural incline of land (and therefore the run off of water) runs down from the East to the West of Maghull towards the River Alt. This does not bode well if further development occurs, especially to the East of the affected area.

    It is obvious that the situation of a serious flooding event has become reality in the area around Sefton Lane but why?

    It is time to have Sefton Council step up to its primary remit to protect both its populations welfare and their lively hoods by having a transparent survey and investigation conducted with the resulting findings made available to its tax payers.

    Please halt further development plans in this area as there is no point in developing when it affects existing developments to the point of their destruction.

    The topographical and geographical aspects are clearly telling us all there is a problem here.

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