Buses and people with disabilities – This sad story is a utter shocker!

The shocking article, from the BBC’s website, available via the link below sadly highlights how poorly people with disabilities are served at times (probably far too often) by public transport operators.


I don’t know about you but I was appalled to read the article; treating people with disabilities like this shames our whole society.

It may well be the case that disciplinary action is being taken with regard to bus drivers involved but the bus company itself should be subject to sanction too. No excuses; disability access issues on public transport have to be sorted. I’ve heard too many reports of people with disabilities being treated poorly/inconsiderately by operators of trains and buses. There needs to be severe penalties on the operators when things go wrong and those with disabilities suffer.

One thought on “Buses and people with disabilities – This sad story is a utter shocker!

  1. nigel hunter says:

    Is it a throwback to the 1930s ? Eugenics as interpreted by Hitler regard them and others ‘not perfect’ led to their removal. Fascism ,again, raising its ugly head. YES THE DRIVERS AND COMPANY MUST BE LED TO ACCOUNT.

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