Town Green – That long empty shop unit I thought could be a perfect Costa

A while back I speculated on the future of the former Spar shop on Town Green Lane – here’s my posting from Sept 2018:-

Well things move on and there’s what seems to be a controversial application before West Lancs Council for it to be a bar selling food – here’s a link to the item on West Lancs Council’s planning website:-

There’s an alcohol license application too, I’ve noted.

I take an interest in this spot because it’s a regular stopping point for me on cycle rides to get a coffee and a bite to eat. But what I’ve noticed is that some pretty bad vehicle driving takes place here because Town Green Lane is in effect a single track road past the shops as one side is for parking vehicles to access the retail premises.

I’ve often thought that, apart from ridiculous parking stunts blocking the pavement on the Co-Op side (the Co-Op does have a large car park I might add), the main issue is vehicles approaching the area far to fast. A couple of significant speed humps would tackle this in my humble opinion.

One thought on “Town Green – That long empty shop unit I thought could be a perfect Costa

  1. Bob Jungels says:

    Spot on about the parking along this stretch, Tony. I’ve complained to my local Councillor about it and raised it with LCC (to no response).
    Drives me mad how lazy people are that they HAVE to park RIGHT OUTSIDE the Co-Op, jus because they can’t be arsed parking round the back.
    Driving past these parked cars can be a right palava, but we bend over backwards to accommodate our lazy, spoilt motorists so woe betide any Councillor who orders the double yellow lines to be painted back on (as they were 10 years ago).
    Personally I think it needs bollards or railings – whatever it takes – to stop this lazy, dangerous parking.
    Oh and did I mention how dangerous it can be when cycling along there? It is part of the NCN Route 91 don’t forget…

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