Lydiate – Taking the dark path

Keith Page of Nursery Road mentioned to me that the footpath through to Normington Close from Lambshear Lane is not easily negotiated at night due to the street lamp in it being up within the canopy of trees.

In turn I raised the matter at a recent Lydiate Parish Council meeting where Borough Councillor Pat O’Hanlon was present. Pat took the matter up and I understand the tree which blocks the light will be attended to by the land owner. Interestingly, it also turns out the the street light is not switching off in daylight hours so that needs to addressed too by Sefton Council.

Note:- The street lamp is near where the path takes a sharp left turn into Normington Close

2 thoughts on “Lydiate – Taking the dark path

  1. Anita McCreary says:

    We have a similar problem with tree blocking a light in the alley at Marshall’s Close runs between Southport Rd and Coppull think you know this alley Tony you have been litter picking I think, It’s the street light nearest Southport Rd.
    The tree that needs cutting down in Coppull we discussed this earlier in the year still not been attended to by Highways Agency.

    • Thanks Anita, I’ve been to have a look and both street lights on the path are within the tree canopy so I’ll ask Pat O’Hanlon if she can assist as with the other path. As for the tree that is to be removed and replaced in Coppull Road I’ll also ask Pat for an update.

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