Maghull – North Station fence and cycle path

Maghull North Station as it was nearing completion in 2018

I’ve blogged about Maghull new 2nd railway station many times, often with a little frustration about the design details which have been left hanging well after the station opened.

Now don’t get me wrong (a Jim Sharpe’ism – Jim is a journalist on our local Champion newspaper) having campaigned for the station to be built I’m happy that it has been, but for the life of me some of the issues with it should not still be issues now, well over a year since it was opened.

The good news is that a significant length of the old decaying wooden fence left over from the former Moss Side Hospital site has now been removed along the site’s School Lane boundary. I think that fellow environmental campaigner Frank Sharp (no relation to Jim) will have had a hand in this via his chivying of Merseytravel etc.

Now about that cycle/footpath which opened recently and connects the new station with both School Lane and Park Lane. It’s very welcome but at the School Lane end there’s still no dropped kerb for cyclists to access it and the new station via the level access. I lose count of the number of times I’ve pointed this out to Sefton Council and Merseytravel. This photo illustrates:-

whilst at the Park Lane end it does have a dropped kerb:-

At neither end does the path have any pedestrian barriers though and I would have thought that barriers erected in a chicane-type arrangement would make things safer in respect of children running out onto the road.

Small things of detail in many ways, and yes I’m sure there are much bigger matters to think about, but never the less you’d think such straight forward and cheap to fix issues would be all a part of the station building and it’s wider access environment planning.

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2 thoughts on “Maghull – North Station fence and cycle path

  1. Susan Burns says:

    What about rubbish bins for people to use when leaving the station. Rubbish on school lane is awful. Also we also need a pedestrian crossing to the Maghull side of the exit as traffic both ways over bridge has increased vastly with new houses.

    Or speed cameras that work.

  2. Frank Sharp says:

    Hi Tony,
    Yes, one year since meeting the Senior Contracts Manager for Persimmon Homes, we met again last week and he removed the fencing belonging to Persimmon on School Lane up to the pedestrian steps. (To be fair, I am sure it was not the most important priority at the time, but it does make a positive difference to the overall appearance). The metal posts are still in situ and there needs to be some low-level picket fencing (similar to the rest of School Lane), which I am hoping will be undertaken this week. A Senior Rail Project Manager and myself spent two hours (!) removing the £5000 children’s montage, which will be reinstalled on the platform at some stage.

    Persimmon also repeated their intention to kindly supply Mersey Travel with a quote for the remaining fencing to be replaced with V profile mesh (similar to the fencing enclosing the car park) on School Lane, between the pedestrian steps and the road/rail bridge. That should provide safety and a nice aesthetic.

    In addition to the Park Lane entrance hazard that I have also highlighted to Sefton Highways for several years prior to the opening of the fence, is the decaying and badly patched up railway embankment fencing between the car park and Park Lane. I mentioned this to Network Rail two weeks ago without any feedback or action so far.



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