Labour’s Brexit problem – They are openly not Remainers

The Liverpool Echo has the article on its website – see link below:-

Whilst the report is about internal Labour Party difficulties the mere mention of McCluskey makes Remainers most unhappy. What on earth has a trade union leader been doing not fighting Brexit when it will in all probability lead to job losses and it threatens employment rights? It just makes no sense at all to me as a life long trade unionist.

And people like McCluskey must surely be at the heart of Labour being unable/unwilling to join the Remain Alliance? Here we have 3 political parties of the left PC, the Greens and Lib Dems fighting to stop Brexit because amongst many other things it is a threat to jobs and employment rights whilst a trade union leader with obviously huge influence within Labour leans towards Brexit. It beggars belief in my view.

One thought on “Labour’s Brexit problem – They are openly not Remainers

  1. nigel hunter says:

    One of the comments gives a clue re he takes members money but does not support them. Implies the money goes to Labour to influence them He and Corbyn left wing. Labour will not get the money if they do not maintain the Momentum/militant line. That of ASSISTING in making the country a wreck so that they can have their dream of revolution. Destroying jobs does not matter if the result is what they want. It looks like those who are left wing Corbynites are the only lefties everybody else are right wingers and do not belong. Power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely.

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