News on those new Merseyrail trains

A mock-up of a Class 777 Stadler EMU as displayed in Birkenhead a while back

Rail Color News has an article about the soon to be delivered first new train for the Merseyrail network – see link below:-

A mock-up of a Class 777 – The new Merseyrail trains that will soon replace the Class 507/508 EMU’s

2 thoughts on “News on those new Merseyrail trains

  1. Craig says:

    Just to point out there is a rail tour coming up on the Merseyrail network on Sunday 26th January 2020. The tour will be raising funds for MR’s charity of the year, Alder Hey Children’s charity.
    The tour can be booked from the British Line Society (BLS) website ( and is charged at £25.08 per person. This is a relatively cheap price as in previous years the BLS tour on the MR network has been charged at a higher price.
    The tour involves coverage of all lines of the MR network including the stock interchange line (transfer between the Northern and Wirral line, not usually used for passenger service), Sandhills reverse sidings, arrival/departure from platform 2 at Hunts Cross and use of a number of less used platforms on the Wirral line. Full details of the tour are provided in the link above.
    Depending on the progress with the introduction of the new fleet this time next year, this could be the last rail tour operated by the class 507/508’s.

    Tony-I heard from the previous tour (class 47’s) in December on the MR network, a number of people on Facebook commented on the lack of notice of such tours taking place on the network. Therefore Tony, it may be worth posting about this tour on your Facebook if you wouldn’t mind.

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