Lydiate (and everywhere else) – The quest for speed and how it impacts on our lives

Southport Road, Lydiate

This is a matter I have oft thought about and not necessarily in the way you might think.

Yes, we all see the mad drivers blasting through our communities at a rate of knots neither aware or caring about the potential consequences of their actions. Indeed, in my own community of Lydiate there are growing concerns from Joe and Jane Public about irresponsible speeding along Southport Road and Moss Lane and I’m quite sure others can add to these two roads.

To his credit local Labour Parish Councillor Neil Spencer is trying to get the powers that be (Sefton Council and Merseyside Police) to address this problem and I’m with him all the way. I’ve previously tried to get Moss Lane’s speeding addressed and the rural part of it was reduced to 40mph a few years back. And my Parish Council colleague Edie Pope campaigned for the speed restriction to be reduced to 40mph along the section of Southport Road where it becomes Mairscough Lane because it’s a notorious accident black spot near the junction with Church Lane. But, and its a big but, bringing in lower speed restrictions does not stop the mad drivers who want to blast along at 50, 60 or even 70mph as they don’t really care. So good luck to Neil, let’s have another go at trying to make Lydiate’s roads safer.

Edie Pope outside her Southport Road farm shop. The notorious accident black spot is in the background.

But to me this speeding problem is probably far more deeply seated in our way of life than we may realise. Everything has to be quick, immediate and now. Our working lives are all about doing things faster to save costs and boost productivity. We leave too shorter time to get from one place to another, probably because we are either too optimistic about how long a journey will take or because everything we do is at 90mph so to speak. In turn all this causes much stress an anxiety so should we really be surprised if it produces more and more racing car drivers on our streets? Just a thought……..

Edie Pope’s scarecrow traffic cop from 2019, which was meant to make drivers think about their speed.

2 thoughts on “Lydiate (and everywhere else) – The quest for speed and how it impacts on our lives

  1. I live off Foxhouse Lane I live in Lacaster close and everytime I try to get onto Foxhouse Lane I fear for my life. There are speed signs saying 20 miles an hour. There should be speed cameras up.
    The stupid neighbour on Stansfield on the right of Stansfield has put up thick shrubs on the corner of her garden this has now caused all the drivers in these roads unable to see speeding cars coming from the right of Foxhouse Lane. We risk being hit by speeding cars coming down Foxhouse Lane. This home owner should be told to remove them with immediate effect.

  2. Edie says:

    I have now put speedo cop back on duty because I have been approached by many people including the police who feel she is doing a job although local people know it’s a scarecrow the strangers slow down and the motorists behind them automatically slow down.i have tried every other avenue to reduce speed this is my own personal answer xx

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