Melling – St. Thomas’ Church Lych Gate

Melling folk will know that this lovely lych gate to St. Thomas & The Holy Rood Church on Melling Rock was attacked and burned by vandals last year. I watched the craftsmen repairing it last June:-

I also blogged about lych gates and their history a while back (Jan’ 2017) and here’s link back to that posting should you want to know more about them:-

Looking at the new oak wood repairs a few days ago brought home to me the craftsmanship of the past which is still alive today.

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One thought on “Melling – St. Thomas’ Church Lych Gate

  1. Phil Holden says:

    My father did a lot of work at the church in Melling as well as at St Andrews and also on the Melling Tithebarn. He’d have been interested in this work but pretty upset about the vandalism

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