Maghull – The Dell in Liverpool Road North

NHS, Maghull in Bloom and project partners meet at The Dell – 31st Jan 2014

I’ve blogged about this prominent piece of land at the heart of Maghull a couple of times before in 2011 and 2014 – here are links to those postings:-

What I did not do was to follow up on the last posting but contact from a Lydiate resident recently has reminded me to do so. The resident was talking to me as they are of the view that some of the tree branches overhanging Liverpool Road North may well be a danger to pedestrians and vehicles on the highway. In short Sefton Council has been informed and they have undertaken, I understand, to sort things out whilst holding the line that the land on which the trees are growing does not belong to the Council. On that basis the trees must be growing on the part of the site owned by the NHS.

Hare and Hounds in background

Readers who have read my links above will note that I make reference in those previous postings to The Dell belonging to the NHS. But that is only partly the case, indeed my present understanding is that a small part of The Dell actually belongs to Sefton Council. That part is a narrow strip along the Liverpool Road North boundary (possibly just the stone wall?) and a small section of the site around the Liverpool Road North/Westway corner. Interestingly, the Council also owns the grassed areas fronting the Health Center site on Westway. I say all this as I’ve seen copies of the Land Registry documents detailing it.

Going back to the attempt by Maghull in Bloom to take over the management of the land in 2014, one of the issues which caused the volunteers to call a halt to the project was the split ownership. As their volunteers were relying on a successful Lottery bid to fund the proposed works the project went no further as the Lottery would, I understand, be reluctant about investing in a site with split ownership.

Previous tree works being carried out in 2013

I wonder if there will be a 3rd attempt to get this green lung at the heart of Maghull managed in the long term?

4 thoughts on “Maghull – The Dell in Liverpool Road North

  1. Anita says:

    I use to play there as a child. Wonder how the nhs own it!!! Nice to keep some green areas in Maghull.

  2. Frank says:

    Hi Tony,
    Did Sefton Council give any other indication of what they intended to do? Did you speak to the tree enforcement team? Only wondered because I would like to contact them myself with a couple of questions.

    Your links were very interesting regarding previous attempts to Sensitively improve this area. I also went down the road of seeking out the deeds, which remain the same as you have outlined. What plans did the Maghull in bloom submit to the lottery. Do they still have them?

    Reviewing Dr Rowlands history books, the land was the site of Clente farm, belonging to the Cropper family. Again, I was wondering because Various locals have suggested that the dell was a small quarry (Unconfirmed so far).

    The trees do you need assessing and it would be interesting to know how close to the surface the rocks (if it was a quarry) are to the surface.

    • I’ll try to run through some answers for you Frank. Firstly, this potential project was before my time as a volunteer but whilst I was a Sefton Councillor working with the MinB. The detailed work on the project was taken forward by John Hill one of the volunteers. I should also add that at the time Kennet Prison were a partner in the project and would have been supplying labour for the works if they had gone ahead. Of course the prison closed early so this was another reason the project came to nought. I don’t think the formal Lottery grant application was made because of concerns that they were probably not keen to fund such projects on split ownership land. The loss of Kennet’s support was in the same time frame I think. Some work on the trees was undertaken with the NHS’s approval and this was associated with getting the ivy off them. Some ground clearance also started but that was about it in terms of activity on the site if I recall correctly. I think there was also some underlying doubt as to how deep the NHS commitment to the site went and that was what killed off the original Maghull Town Council bid to take on the land which I was very much involved with. You may be able to find a file in Maghull Town Hall as I borrowed one for MinB when the 2nd attempt was made. I have I answered all your questions?

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