Lydiate – Haigh Crescent – Posts go up to try to make green safer

A while back we had a discussion at a Lydiate Parish Council meeting about the dangers of vehicles on the green in the middle of Haigh Crescent when children are playing there.

We discussed, together with the Park Ward Sefton Councillors, what could be done to make the green safer and putting in posts to restrict vehicle access was seen to be the best way forward if the money could be found to get the work done. Well the money has been found as the works are ongoing today:-

8 thoughts on “Lydiate – Haigh Crescent – Posts go up to try to make green safer

  1. Bob Jungels says:

    Good work, Tony. Would like to see more of this sort of thing rolled out across the area.

    • Annoyed resident says:

      What a total waste of money. I don’t think we’ve ever seen a child playing on the central grass space. All you’ve done is made residents lives harder for waste services, emergency service and delivery access and now residents are parking even further on the pavements leaving the pavements impossible to walk along. Congratulations for taking credit for solving a problem that didn’t exist 🙄

    • Not my work Bob but that of our local Independent Cllr.

  2. Concerned Resident says:

    I live in Haigh Crescent and children hardly ever play on the grass. Quite a few of the residents I’ve spoken to aren’t very happy as we weren’t even consulted about the posts going up. We have a few concerns regarding the posts:
    1 It will stop the bin men coming round to collect the bins, especially in the cul de sac part of the crescent.
    2. The emergency services will not be able to access the roads as there are always cars parked, even more so since the garages in Barnes Drive have been demolished.
    3 It will stop any delivery or removals vans being able to come into the road.
    Basically you have isolated the residents of Haigh Crescent to cater for the invisible playing children

    • Sorry I have not been involved with the detail planning of the work but if Sefton Council has created a situation where their own bin lorries can’t get along the road after they have put in the posts and shrubs then it will be very poor planning indeed.

  3. Steve says:

    Don’t see that many cars on the green see even less kids and when you do they have a ball, no ball games allowed, what they going to do about that, does anyone know how much this is costing??

    • I’ve done a bit of checking into how/when this matter was originally raised and as far as I can tell it was brought up at both the June and July 2019 Parish Council meetings by Independent Sefton Councillor for Park Ward (which takes in all of Lydiate Parish) Pat O’Hanlon following resident representations to her about vehicles on the Haigh Crescent green. Here are extracts from the minutes of those meetings:-

      Lydiate Parish Council Minutes of meeting held on Tuesday 25 June2019

      84/2019 – PUBLIC PARTICIPATION A) number of issues were raised by Cllr Pat O’Hanlon on behalf of residents: – Haigh Crescent illegal parking on the green space

      Then at the following July 2019 meeting

      98/2019 – PUBLIC PARTICIPATION B) Councillor P O’Hanlon updated the Parish Council on proposal for Haigh Crescent and the parking issues. £15,000 is needed to install trees and posts to address the parking issues

      I’m sure that Pat will be able to comment on detail of the matter should those with concerns wish to ask her.

  4. Local resident says:

    I’m not being funny but how on earth do a few very small bushes, posts and manpower cost £15,000!!!!

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