Sefton Coastline – One of 5 of the most picturesque Irish Sea coastal spots

The BBC has the article on its website – see link below:-

What it says about the Sefton coastline:- ‘A site of specific scientific interest, Sefton Coast stretches for 12 miles between Southport and the end of Crosby Beach. Environmental Scientist Tara Shine says: “It’s a remarkable piece of coastline, with beaches, mud flats, woodlands and an internationally-recognised sand dunes habitat forming a barrier between the sea and the towns of Southport and Formby.”

Formby Point

Bird spotters, dog walkers and adventure sports enthusiasts alike love this stretch of coast, but its incredible sand dunes, which represent 20% of all the sand dunes in England, are retreating at a rate of three metres a year, as coastal erosion threatens the entire area. Kate Martin, from the National Trust, manages the area and says Formby is still naturally protected: “Sand dunes are amazing as a sea defence, as they move and shift to face the threat.” And why are they so important? As well as protecting the town, the dunes protect the Formby forests, one of the last natural habitats of endangered red squirrels.’

A Red Squirrel – What could be more symbolic of Formby and Little Altcar

The photos above are my own I might add.

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